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McVay Brothers is pleased to offer vinyl windows custom made by The Coeur d'Alene Window Company.  

We have been providing quality installations and vinyl window products for years.

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All of our vinyl windows are protected with Preserve Film.

R-4 Package

McVay Brothers created the R-4 package to ensure you get the most energy efficient window without sacrificing the looks or quality that we are famous for.

The R-4 package includes Indium, Low-e 366, Foam Filled Frames & Argon Gas.

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  1. Primary Seal: Polyisobutylene (PIB) minimizes moisture permeation, is UV resistant and provides an outstanding argon barrier.

  2. Secondary Seal: Specially formulated silicone for IG units provides long-term adhesion, is unaffected by UV exposure and provides excellent durability when exposed to moisture. Silicone also provides structural integrity.

  3. Spacer: Stainless steel spacer features a roll form design to provide maximum area for primary and secondary sealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to condensation and less stress on IG seal system. No polymer content eliminates the risk of chemical fogging.

  4. Desiccants: Beaded molecular sieve provides initial frost points below -65°F. Desiccant assures optimum moisture adsorption while minimizing the effects of temperature-related pressure changes.

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