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At McVay Brothers we strive to do things legally and honestly. While most contractors will tell you everything is on the up and up, the facts prove otherwise.  The month of April 2018 provides a good example.

In April (2018), the City of Spokane reported that McVay Brothers installed fifty percent of all siding installations and 46.67 percent of all (non-egress with dig out and well) window installations in the City of Spokane.

Although we strive to gain market share, we aren't naive enough to think that all other siding and window contractors combined scarcely equal our footprint.  In fact, several of our top competitors prefer the "wait and see if we get caught approach."

Taking out permits can be costly.  Without one, the state typically won't inspect a job site for safety and most importantly, you get no third party confirmation that the windows, siding or roof you had installed was done to code.  To confirm our results see here:

Your safety and the safety of your family is important to us.  We test for lead on all window installations on homes older than 1978.  We also test for asbestos on all re-roofs and windows when suspected.


Most companies hope to stay under the radar to save a few dollars.  Failing to test for lead is a serious offense and can lead to fines in excess of 10,000 dollars. 

We recommend you demand to see the most recent lead audit to confirm your contractor is in compliance.

Contractor or Clown?

Because we pull permits on every job required, we run the risk of as many as 1000+ L & I inspections per year.  Many of our competitors hide or worse, they fail to insure their employees.

One local exteriors company brags on television and in print that they have decades of experienced employees.  However, if you look them up on the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Website, they claim to be a one employee company - now that's tricky!

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